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Syntell is a leader in end-to-end traffic law enforcement services and systems. We recognise the importance of safe, first world road infrastructure and management systems, and a society that holds itself accountable for contributing to this environment

Our services include:

• Smart Roadblocks that use automatic number plate recognition;

• comprehensive mobile speed camera management system;

• complete fixed camera management system, adapted to local conditions;

• provision of support vehicles;

• integrated contravention system consisting of production, back and front office components;

• remote issuing of summons and warrants;

• integrated back and front office fine follow up service;

• automated on-line interaction and payment services through payCity

This service dramatically increases the effectiveness of the Traffic Authority, lowering costs and influencing driver behaviour through increasing the overall payment rate of fines.

Syntell’s Joint Information System (JIS) is the glue that holds this all together. It is a management centre, for the interchange of violation and other data between the different parts of the system. The real-time system interacts with deployed equipment, both at mobile and fixed locations. It is also linked to national and regional databases, to deliver online data 24/7.


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