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Syntell’s Smart Roadblock

Syntell has developed and implemented the most advanced automatic number-plate-recognition system for use at roadblocks.
From now on, motorists who have outstanding fines, those driving ‘cloned’ vehicles, and those with stagnant fines or fines with incorrect addresses will be identified immediately using Syntell’s Smart Roadblock.
Smart Roadblock has been deployed for the JMPD for the last 10 months, and has collected between R20,000 and R50,000 of outstanding fines each day. All the paperwork is done on site at the roadblock, including the issuing of the warrants of arrest, while a clerk of the court is present to issue summons. Motorists will be able to settle their fines there and then using credit cards, debit cards or cash. If no method of payment is available, the motorist will be arrested.
On average, one suspect vehicle and one vehicle using false number plates is being apprehended and handed over to the police each day.
Gerrie Gernecke, the JMPD Director, has said that he wants to see the payment levels for fines rise from 33% to 60% within the next few years with the use of Smart Roadblock.
During the time Smart Roadblock has been in use, valuable experience has been gained and developments have taken place regarding the product.
In addition, demonstrations have been given to numerous municipalities using different sets of data supplied by the back office systems. These have been extremely well received, as tremendous success is always achieved in identifying offenders with outstanding warrants.